Craziest Wedding Dresses

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Craziest Wedding Dresses. Lastly, the caterer’s dream dress. But for these women who chose to rip up the rulebook to be the centre of attention, you earned it — for all the wrong reasons.

These Wedding Dresses Are Absolutely Ridiculous
These Wedding Dresses Are Absolutely Ridiculous from

As it was the bride's. Watch the worst wedding dresses ever. Such dresses really bring out a rainbow of emotions, don’t they?

For The Bride Who Just Can’t Get Enough Of Her Hello Kitty Obsession.

Well, this is handy for the wedding night—just rip off your tulle and you're good to go. Here she has a shop of diapers. It seems like a gown made of diapers.

The Hello Kitty Wedding Dress.

The flaming hot wedding dress. Although, many would agree to the disbelief that the brides managed to walk down the aisle wearing these. Wedding dress shopping was one of the craziest experiences of planning my own wedding.

To Be A Bride Is A Dream Of Every Girl In This World.

For the bride who likes attention. 10 craziest wedding dresses worn by celebrities. We get a headache just looking at celine dion's wedding headpiece, which weighed a whopping seven pounds!

It’s Rare When All Of My Worst Nightmares Are Captured In One Single Photo.

Natural and floria dress by nicole dextras [ link] (left)this dress is made of camellia, lilac, yucca and laurel. Where the weirdest wedding dresses of all time are somehow socially acceptable. The bad wedding dresses of all time have made brides noticeable for all the wrong reasons.

And Below Are The Perfect Examples For You.

The giant cake wedding dress. These blushing brides were clearly on a mission to make everyone at their wedding blush and they succeeded with flying colors. Brides get noticed for the wrong reason:

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